Hallmark Secondary School (HSSO) is a selective school, in terms of seeking students with sound academic ability as well as strength in the areas of Sports or the Arts.

We offer a broad and rigorous programme that look out for young people with the following qualities:

  • Enthusiasm, curiosity and a passion for learning
  • Intellect, evidenced by a history of academic success
  • The ability to fit into a boarding environment
  • Unique ability in Sports or the Arts
  • Sound leadership potential

The aim of the school is to provide a broad and balanced range of quality learning opportunities within a boarding school environment in a peaceful and natural setting conducive for effective learning.

  • In order to secure the success of the students and the school, there is a selection procedure that includes an entrance examination and an interview of the students and their parents.
  • The school will only admit students in line with the school’s admission philosophy and professional discretion of the board.
  • Students are normally admitted at the beginning of the school year. Admissions during the school year will only be considered if there are vacancies, and will be subject to the same admission criteria.
  • Students who are older than the eligible age for their classes will not normally be admitted. However, after considering the circumstances and the effect of the candidate’s maturity on his/her performance, the school management may then use its discretion on whether or not to admit.
  • Hallmark Secondary School, Ondo, is a co – educational school and so, admits both boys and girls.