Dear Esteemed Parents,

                        Find below the email addresses of teacher in the junior classes of Hallmark Secondary School. Kindly submit (attached assignment) to each teacher per subject.

1.Mrs Adeyeye    —  abimbola.adeyeye@

2.Onyekamuo     Stanley    —   [email protected]

3.Pst Godwin Akinnusotu  godwin.akinnusotu@

4.Adegoke Gideon —   [email protected]

5.Mr Tewe Seyi  —   [email protected]

6.Akinyosotu Sade  —   [email protected]

7.Adejumo Adeleye  — adeleye.adejumo@hallmarksecondary

8.Orunnah Ifeanyi  –   [email protected]

9.Apollos Anthony —  appollos.anthony@

10.Adesegha Itunu  —

11.Owonifa Tope  ==    [email protected]

12.Mrs Aluko  Olubukola  —      olubukola.alukoi@

13.Teibo Abimbola —    [email protected]

14.Mr Akintemi  Rotimi–   rotimi.akintemi@

15.Mr Samson Okeleye  —-     samson.okeleye@

16.Mr Patrick   Ajah  —      [email protected]

17.Mr Oluwajana  sunday —   sunday.oluwajana@

18.Mr Adekola  Sanjo   —     sanjo. adekola@

  1. Mr Akinyosoye Tolu —     tolu.akinyosoye@
  2. Mr. Patrick Asuquo —    patrick.asuquo@
  3. Mr. Michael Anthony —–  [email protected]
  4. Mr. Suuday Adebowale—   [email protected]
  5. Mr. Samson Adediji  ——–  [email protected]
  6. Mrs. Blessing Fadakinte —– [email protected]


Please note that assignment can be sent as an attachment to the emails above. For enquries (Whatsapp  0816 934 9166) Mr Deji.